River Styx

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Tucked away next to Transmitter Park, River Styx is a new addition to the Greenpoint area. This cozy spot has a beautiful sunlight back dining area that keep the long, thin space beautifully lit during the day. The open kitchen separates the front bar and rear dining tables. Make sure not to come too late as tables go quickly and there tends to be a wait, although it is never too long.

With quite the variety on the menu, River Styx has something for everyone. Most notably the Nachos. Yep, I said it, their nachos keep true to the essence of the nacho while stepping up their game with a little bit of class. Another notable mention would have to be their cocktail menu; smaller but pungent.

If you are in the neighborhood for breakfast, stop by for brunch. This menu is more diverse than their dinner, although the drinks are a little pricey. But don’t take my word on any of this. You should really just go their yourself and try it out.


Everyday (dinner) 6pm - 11pm
Fri- Sat (dinner) ~ 11:30
Sat Sun 10am - 4pm (brunch)
21 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States Nachos
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