Northern Territory

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This brand new Greenpoint restaurant is located on the Southwest corner of the neighborhood in an old converted warehouse.  It serves up a mix of Australian/American cuisine with a touch of german influences.  The bar has a variety of beers on tap with a small but punchy cocktail menu. The main seating area is open with booths lining a dividing wall, coupled with large seating perfect for groups there to drink or eat. Don’t hesitate to get up to grab a drink – the bar is massive. It wraps around the back wall, offering plenty of space to snag a bartender.

Don’t get to comfortable in the beautiful interior of the restaurant, because the roof is a must see.  If you show up too late on a nice summer day you might be forced to wait inside. You can usually get pretty lucky grabbing a wooden booth lining the walls, as crowds move quickly up there, shuffling group to group in this noticeably social environment. There is an eating station up there, offering pizza and other bar snacks, making the trek downstairs unnecessary should hunger strike. The crowd isn’t quite like its counterpart Berry Park – much more reserved and mature. It acts as an older brother to its southern companion. Better seating, better view, and better service. With one of the best views of the city, Northern Territory is a hot spot for happy hour and outdoor drinking.



Mon - Fri opens @ 5:00pm
Sat - Sun opens @ 12:00pm
12 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States Rooftop Seating
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